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Breaking the Ties that Bind
Dungeons and Dragons; Presto
It's finished. It's posted on Fan It may take 30 minutes to post, but there you go.

I hope you enjoy it.

I'll write an authors note or something for it to tell the story of writing it, maybe. But first I better get back to work!

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I've re-written a lot of the backstory. Some are minor edits, some are tweaks of themes and stuff like that. There's a whole new scene in chapter, um...16? I think, too.

So if you really want the full story, you *may* want to read the whole thing. But it's long. The end shouldn't be too awful if you don't revisit the previous chapters.

Thanks for saying you'll read it. After all the time I poured into this, I would hate to have no readers.

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