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I got a review!
Dungeons and Dragons; Presto
My big news today. All 3 kids have been home sick, so no going into the office for me. I think it's H1N1...the littlest two had their flu shots but there wasn't any for the over 3 crowd so the oldest didn't get one. Now he's sick the worst, poor thing.

It's been quiet, and I've been way behind in work. Starting to play Dragonage a little husband's been absorbed. I normally don't like video games much, but this seems fun.

Contemplating if I should write another piece and if so, which universe. I've written a ton of White Wolf poetry, a couple Pern pieces (which I may put on line someday) and a lot of Legend of the Five Rings fan fiction. I think about starting some Xmen FF, other than my one little XMen evolution piece which pretty much wrote itself. I don't have another D&D story right now. Do I try to find another obsession, or do I use the opportunity to take up a productive hobby. Like Housecleaning.

Decisions decisions. ;-)

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Heh, well fic must surely beat housework!

And is your fic on I saw your post, but there was no link and I am such a lazy so-and-so and also wasn't entirely sure whether it was D&D or something else. I have some reading to catch up on badly right now, but will go and take a look.

Heh, go write something. I bet there's a comm out on LJ somewhere with a prompt or a challenge or...

I'm sorry. What was I thinking? Go and do the housework. It's the sensible answer, isn't it? ;-)!

Here it is:

Yes, it's D&D...most recently updated.


Thanks. I shall go take a look. :-)


My goodness - 100,000 words.... I may be some time. And if that's the beginning - what next? *squeaks*

(Just warn me if you do scary Sheila/Venger or anything. I am a terribly squeamish reader. :Lol:)

Oh, no. I don't do that sort of thing. Definitely not to my taste. Wow!! I'm so excited you're reading the whole thing at once for the first time. :) Thank you!

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